Permanent Recruitment

Our Permanent Recruitment process is designed to ensure that candidates, are assessed on their merits and abilities, and selected according to the specific needs of the client.

EI INFOSYSTEMS Process - Six steps involved in Permanent Recruitment

1. Client Research

We work closely with HR and hiring managers working to understand your environment, succession planning issues, departmental personalities, cultural fit, etc.

2. Candidate Search

We use referral and recommendation, database selection, advertising and proactive networking.We identify the best candidates not merely the most actively available.

3. Candidate Selection

We pre-interview and pre-screen applicants. We work with the applicant, tailoring and formatting CVs for consistency and highlighting all relevant skills and abilities.

4. Candidate Support

We manage the candidate process, ensuring applicants are prepared for the interview, have researched your company and the role, and are ready to discuss relevant skills and experience.

5. Candidate Screening

On successful appointment, we manage the applicant screening process for you, including financial probity, criminal, qualification and referencing checks.

6. Delivery

Our process ensures greater success in identifying suitable applicants, a streamlined recruitment process, higher levels of candidate engagement and increased levels of employee retention.

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