HR Services

Our HR Services is a process through which the right candidate for the right job is ensured.

EI INFOSYSTEMS Process - Six steps involved in HR Services

1. Analysing Organizational Objectives:

The objective to be achieved in the future in various fields such as production, marketing, finance, expansion and sales gives the idea about the work to be done in the organization.

2. Inventory of Present Human Resources:

From the updated human resource information storage sys­tem, the current number of employees, their capacity, perfor­mance and potential can be analysed.

3. Forecasting Demand and Supply of Human Resource:

The human resources required at different positions according to their job profile are to be estimated.

4. Estimating Manpower Gaps:

Comparison of human resource demand and human resource supply will provide with the surplus or deficit of human resource.

5. Formulating the Human Resource Action Plan:

The human resource plan depends on whether there is a deficit or surplus in the organization.

6. Monitoring, Control and Feedback:

It mainly involves implementation of the human resource action plan. Human resources are allocated according to the requirements, and inventories are updated over a period.

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